Teresa in China on Sabbath

Teresa has been to China a couple of times in order to work on her family history. Her family stems from Wuhan in the province of Hubei. Although Wuhan is a quite big city with several millions of inhabitants, at the time of her stay there were no local Latter-day Saint worship services. On a Saturday she called me and said she would not want to accept sitting in the hotel inactively on Sunday. Instead she was planning to buy a flight ticket and to travel by air to Beijing on early Sunday morning in order to visit the meetings of the local ward over there. Then in the afternoon she wanted to return to Wuhan. She was very determined to put that plan into action and indeed managed to attend the sacrament meeting on Sunday in Beijing. She almost arrived too late though, since the taxi driver did not find the proper place right away. She entered the chapel while the congregation was singing the opening hymn, filled with deep gratitude that she was able to renew her covenant with the Lord again. She felt this was so important to her that she gladly accepted an air passage of more than 600 miles.

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