Addresses and Music

The funeral service started with an opening hymn performed by the Kammerchor Vocalis: Lass Zion strahlen voller Pracht (Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise).

Following the invocation our Bishop Jendrik Hasse gave a beautiful talk about the Plan of Salvation. Subsequently, Lutz Herber expanded on details of Teresa’s personality and gave an account of a few incidents with her from his own very personal view:

For reading → Address of Lutz Herber
For listening → Address of Lutz Herber

Following this, the Kammerchor Vocalis sang a wonderful tune with profound lyrics which we knew Teresa loved especially:

Dein Name voller Herrlichkeit und Huld (The Majesty and Glory of Your Name)

This very intimate and contemplative musical number marked the part of the funeral service dedicated to Teresa’s life. Christian Wolfert, one of the founding members of the Kammerchor Vocalis, read a script illuminating various aspects of Teresa’s life allowing the funeral guests to get a better insight into her emotional world. In order to make a transition to the varied oral contributions, three musical interludes were played allowing a little insight into Teresa’s range of artistic achievement in music. This is the first oral contribution:

For reading → Address about Teresa’s life part 1
For listening → Address no. 1 Christian Wolfert

In September 2011 Teresa began to compile a CD for practicing purpose together with Sister Hoopes as piano accompanist in order to support the units of our Stake with their Primary presentation in Sacrament Meeting. She sang the songs by herself, and the versatility of her voice becomes evident. She was able to sing with childlike sweetness having no rival. Through her interpretation the Primary song following now virtually sounds autobiographic. It is called

Bei meiner Taufe (When I Am Baptized)

This is the second oral contribution:

For reading → Address about Teresa’s life part 2
For listening → Address no. 2 Christian Wolfert

The Arie Antiche compiled by Alessandro Parisotti run like a golden thread through Teresa’s artistic life. She loved the simplicity and purity of these Italian art of singing gems with piano accompaniment. Now follows a particularly intimate and stately piece, however requiring great artistic achievement for a perfect recital such that it will not sound shallow or feeble:

Amarilli mia bella.

Now follows the third oral contribution:

For reading → Address about Teresa’s life part 3
For listening → Address no. 3 Christian Wolfert

The only recording existing of Teresa with orchestral accompaniment was made in November 2006 on the occasion of a performance of Mozart’s Requiem in the Church St. Jakob in Friedberg. Teresa – of course – sang the Soprano role. Now follows the


This is last but not least the fourth oral contribution:

For reading → Address about Teresa’s life part 4
For listening → Address no. 4 Christian Wolfert

One day while Teresa was staying in the cancer clinic, I found a music booklet lying on the table in her room containing a hymn she had outlined. The melody and the almost flawless German lyrics were beautiful beyond description and caused me to shed tears. The lyrics describe Teresa’s quest for her true home and may be seen as a concise legacy of her entire life. Nathan Winder has arranged Teresa’s melody masterfully for four-part mixed chorus. The result can be heard following now and is called

Ich komm aus einer Welt (I Come from a World).

After performing this hymn as a highlight the funeral service was worthily concluded by the congregation singing the hymn Christus ist mein Herr (I Believe in Christ) and by offering the benediction.

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